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The history of newspapers in Allamakee County date back to 1852 with the publication of the Lansing Intelligencer. Since then there have been newspapers with the likes of Waukon Journal, Lansing Mirror, Allamakee Herald, North Iowa Journal, Waukon Transcript, Waukon Democrat, Waukon Republican, Waukon Standard and Allamakee Journal.


The Allamakee Journal was owned and operated through out the years by the Dunlevy family.

The courthouse had been located briefly in Lansing, but it and all the news and business it generated seemed settled in Waukon. So in 1882, Tom Dunlevy moved his family to Waukon and the name of the paper was changed to the Allamakee Journal. Tom gathered the Waukon material, set the type in galleys, locked them and shipped them by train to Waukon Junction, and then north to Lansing. John ran the Lansing plant upstairs across the street from its present building, where it has been since 1922. The first building was gutted by fire, but was rebuilt in 1885. The paper was also located for a time in a building across the street.

Looking back in 1934, John J. Dunlevy wrote that much of the success of the Journal was due to the Waukon branch and to always seeking to advance the best interests of both communities.

In 1922, the Dunlevys bought the 70-year-old Mirror. They also bought the subscription lists of at least two short-lived New Albin papers. It is still common to hear the Journal referred to as the county paper. But about a third of its subscribers live outside the county, indicating a loyalty on the part of former residents as well as an interest in it on the part of people who come to Lansing for recreation.

The modern day Allamakee Journal was consilidated with the Waukon Standard in June 2007, over seven years ago. The purpose of the new online digital version of the Allamakee Journal is to be a repository of Allamakee County news and new age media. We hope the new Allamakee Journal will be become an interactive way of sharing and disementing news and information of the Tri-State area. We also hope to document the rich historical heritage of this area.

The new Allamakee Journal invites any opinions and ideas on how we may serve Allamakee County.